New Cracked screen - touch screen troubles

Feb 11, 2014
Hey guys I have a huge problem and hope somebody knows something about it.
Unfortunately I dropped my Mi2s (was really not high and hard and I have a screen protector ). I realised that the screen has a tiny crack in the top left corner. First I thought I can live with that but then I realised that the entire top 0,5cm of the touch screen doesn't work from left to the far right side. So I can't swipe down go open the notifications and toggles unless I turn the phone and this is extremely annoying.

I know it from older phones (P. E. IPhone 4s) that even if the screen is extremely cracked, the touch screen usually still works. So is this in my case normal and what can I do to fix it? Will a screen replacement even fix the problem? Thanks for your help!