Date and time format [SOLVED]


Apr 2, 2011
I noticed a small bug, when you go in settings and change the format of showing the date, nothing happens. You have the choice of year/month/day, month/day/year and day/month/year, but switching between them doesn't do anything.
I noticed this in 3 places: In calendar, when picking a time for an event. In Contacts, when putting in a birthday of a contact and in Notes, when seting up a reminder for a note. A "wheel" comes up showing the date, but no matter what i do, i can't change the "wheel" to show anything else but year/month/day. (And i suppose that "wheel" is linked to the date format in settings..)

Anyone else noticed this? I think it is in the framework, but i'm not able to figure out exactly which string to edit :(

Found in framework-res.apk.
Had to edit date_picker.xml in: framework-res/res/layout
Credits to XJ from XDA for pointing me in the right direction ;)
This bug is still present. I want to use the dd/mm/yy format but no matter what setting I doesn't change. All apps using a date format keep using mm\dd\yy :(