Desire Problems


Feb 11, 2011
Hello, I'm fairly new to all this. e.g flashing roms and rooting phones, and i seem to be having some difficulty getting a rom to work on my HTC Desire.

I have read and followed instructions to every detail on how to root and flash a rom, thing is, every rom i flash is stable for around half an hour, then i becomes laggy and some apps don't work, by the time the rom has been loaded for an hour i am no longer even able to unlock my phone.

This is with Every rom i try, is it me doing something wrong? or is my phone just s**t??

HTCVen (soon to be just Ven if this carries on)
Ok, BIGGER problem now, i cannot get my desire to load past the white screen with htc written in green!!!!

Any and all help would be nice...


EDIT: Thanks for the post, but cant boot phone at all now >:/
You have rooted your phone with what? UnreVoked?
Wich recovery do you have? Amonra or unrevoked?

You can try to boot into bootloader (Volum-Down & Power) goto recovery and flash a rom. bevor flashing a new rom is highly reconoment that you wipe all data and davlik-cache! without you will get trouble with your rom!!
I rooted my phone with UnreVoked3

Recovery is also UnreVoked

Before i flashed the rom i mad sure to clear and wipe Everything.

I formatted my sd card to fat32, partitioned it with a primary 512 ext3 at the end of the drive.

I can't see if im doing anything wrong.
Hm, I've heard about that sometimes problems will appear with the unrevoked recovery. In order of this i've changed my recovery to amon_RA.
Have you used the newest version of unrevoked?

Take a look to the xda devs, there should be some helpfull thread for your problem!
I have read that there is a different way of rooting a desire using a gold card for branded phones. i was unaware of this when i rooted my branded phone locked to orange.

Can i have bricked my phone rooting it the wrong way?
Update: After trying to flash MIUI a few times more, i had to give up as no progress was made.

However i found a ROM of the official froyo 2.2 that had been modded for rooted phones, and all is well and working.

Next step: Change recovery to amon_RA and try again with the MIUI ROM.

Can anyone point in me in the right direction for amon_RA?
Just download amon_ra for desire <<here>>, use unrevoked to "root" your phone again and choose amon_RA as recovery. This was the way i've done.
UPDATE: Have got the ROM\ working.

Heres how:

Formatted memory card to fat32 (ALL of it, no partition)

Flashed radio, then ROM. all workes fine.

Downloaded ROM Manager and used it to partition my memory card with a 512 ext3 and 64mg swap file. and all is PERFECT.