[DEV]MIUI Port LG Optimus 2x test rom up

Discussion in 'Archive 2011' started by MarkHUK, Jun 2, 2011.

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    Hi everyone.

    TreyM has done what he promised alot of LG Optimus users.
    he has begun work on a port and he has now uploaded his new test rom, he cannot confirm if it boots or not at this moment and is requiering assistance.

    <a href="http://forums.miuiandroid.com/showthread.php?4679-ROM-WIP-LG-Optimus-2X-Port-In-Development&p=66299&viewfull=1#post66299">Head over to our forum and check it out.</a>

    Currently he is also avalible on our <a href="http://www.miuiandroid.com/live-chat/">livechat</a> to help him further.

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