[DEV]Multilanguage T9 dialer


Nov 7, 2010
Since I started with the development of the Hebrew language pack there's one thing I just couldn't get done, it is the capability of the dialer to search through Hebrew fonts. I went through almost every single smali file in the Phone.apk trying to find any peace of code that looks to be the one in charge of the search but as I'm not a programmer it was just like looking on blind.
I spoke with some Israeli developers that succeeded to do it for the Galaxy S Darkys rom but the files they edited don't even exist on MIUI rom (DilarerTabActivity.apk).
I thinks that finding the way to add or alter the searched letters while dialling could be useful for every language it letters are partially or fully different from the English ones, like ñ-á-é-í-ó-ú in Spanish or ß in German, or the entire alphabet like Hebrew, Arabic and many others.
If anyone has any clue or the knowledge (and time) to do that me and thousand of users around the world will be very grateful.

I'm willing to help in any possible way. Although I'm not a programmer I have a very fast understanding and I'm very familiar with Android codes.



Jan 21, 2011
I think that the language files might be in contacts.apk, since the images of the dialer is there and not in the phone.apk.
and thanks for posting it =]


Feb 21, 2011
Joining to question, I'm trying to help roenano to do this,
so far no result, i'm suspecting maybe contacts-provider.apk and DB is connected to problem, as I found some DB queries related to T9,
but so far couldn't figure what's going on exactly.