Devices disconnect Note 12s hotspot while talking on the phone


Sep 13, 2023
I have a few devices connected to my Note 12S hotspot. Whenever I use the phone for a call (either line or through whatapp), the devices disconnect from the hotspot and can't reconnect, till I end the call, when they reconnect and can use the hotspot for internet again...

Is this a known issue and how this can be solved? thanks.
1. For Redmi Note 12 series discussions are on another area:
2. Do you have custom rom flashed on your device? This forum is about this custom rom.
3. Could be an issue related with your mobile provider, sometime and for some mobile network when a call is made during the call the mobile data it is disconnected (check if the call is made trough VoLTE, for that you need a 4G/LTE or 5G mobile connection). Also could be an issue related with the wifi and mobile modem from your phone or this is happening for devices from its family.
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