Redmi Note 12S (codename: Sea) - how to install firmware from different region


Jun 16, 2024
I have Redmi Note 12S from EU distribution
I would like to install a ROM from another region to be able to record calls.
Probably a Taiwanese rom offers this (there is no Indonesian rom for this phone).

I know that I have to use the fastboot method if I want to flash a ROM from another region.
I already have the bootloader unlocked and the MIUI ROM (fastboot) downloaded

Can I find instructions somewhere on how to safely flash (fastboot) a ROM from another region to my phone?

Current MIUI version:
MIUI Global 14.0.4
Android 13 TP1A.220624.014

In attachment there is a screenshoot with extracted files - should I connect my phone in Fasboot mode and start flash_all.bat?


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