Differences and possibles bugs


Nov 17, 2011
I have installed on my Milestone 1 in the ROM Miui your version 11.01.11 (MIUI-BR) and since then I have noticed some differences between the stock ROM and what can be a bug too.
I'll be reporting below what I found so far:
1) When the phone is paired via bluetooth car system, which can receive and make calls, receive a link instead of appearing on the radio display the contact name that appears on the agenda only registered the phone number. In the stock version appeared the name of the contact;
2) Although the issue of Bluetooth when calling the number that appears on the radio, it presents the international code, location code and number (ex. +5511 xxxxxxxx), even in the case of a local call. In the version number when the stock was not registered on the agenda, it appeared only the code number and location (ex. 011xxxxxxxx);
3) Upon receipt of the SMS is also reported earlier, ie, the number of contact presents the international code, location code and number. This creates no problem of group messages of the same contact, because when we send an SMS to someone who is on the agenda, the number it does not have the international code.In the stock version of the grouping of messages of the same contact occurred normally;
4) When you type an SMS special characters such as ç (cedilla), ~ (tilde) and ´ (accent) occupy a larger amount of characters, thus causing the sending of multiple messages to one contact. In the stock version of this problem did not occur;
5) When I open my e-mail through the Gmail app, if you have any attached file, I can not save the file to the card because it appears the download button for the same. In the stock version could save the attachment;
6) The app "DND mode" has a fault in receiving SMS from contacts who are blacklisted. Despite being set in rules, to silence the receipt of the message is still issued the notification sound for incoming SMS;
7) The "Share connection" (settings / system / connection sharing) mode Wi-Fi does not work. When attempting to activate this option, it is not activated and then displays only the error message in the application window;
Despite finding these problems, the ROM is working satisfactorily and sometimes much better than the original Motorola ROM.
I enjoy and congratulate the developers for the great work done MIUI and so maybe they can resolve the issues listed here.