Direction of this site


Nov 23, 2010
As from what I saw in these forums markhuk and N_I_X might be taking a leave for awhile. Who owns the site and will be taking care of it during there absents?

There are many suggestions I have for this site but no one replies to their PMs and I just get ignored. I'll post them here hoping it won't get over looked.

For the forums themselves I think a better layout is needed to keep things organized.

-MIUI General
--General Discussion
--Bugs (this isn't really needed as the phone forums themselves provide this.
--Questions and Answers

-MIUI ROM Development
--Porting Advice/Help
--Google Nexus One
----Addons (subforum)
----Bugs (subforum)
----Addons (subforum)
----Bugs (subforum)

I know a new theme website is in the works but can't we make it a bit more organized until then???

-MIUI Theming
--Theme Help
--Theme Requests
--Theme Releases

Do admins/site owner need help? I'd be willing to lend a hand I have quite the experience when it comes to moderating/creating websites.

Also, letting people know what can be fixed and what can't be fixed by the developers here is key. Many people post the same bug more than once without knowing it can't be fixed on our end. The best we can do is send a email to the MIUI devs and hope they take it into consideration.

Thanks for reading, these are merely suggestions so don't get mad admins!!!!