Double tap home button


Dec 12, 2010
Is anyone able to add a feature so that double tapping the home button does not bring up the different pages on the home screen. I am sure with all the other amazing development work that is being done someone out there can do it.

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How will you add new screens?

edit: what I mean to say is, I'm unaware of another way to add additional home screens. If there's another way, I might support this request.
there's plenty of 3rd party app that will let you do that

pinching the screen like you zooming out when browsing will also let you add/delete screens
I am also interested about this. I am considering moving to Miui, but there is an app for sgs2 stock roms called HomeMYhome that can lauch the app you want on home button double tap.
Is this possible on MIUI? Thanks