Feature request: Default delete option for the dialer's auto call recording.


Jan 11, 2024
I am using Xiaomi.eu HyperOS on 12T Pro and the default dialer really rocks.

The default action for call recording is what I am using now is to record all calls. But not all the times I need all the calls to be recorded. I was using custom dialers like ACR in the past and it had a "post-call" summary screen which allowed the recording to be deleted right-*away after the call, if you don't think it is important. But if you are someone making many calls and want to keep a little portion of them, then it is very grueling to tap delete button tens of times everyday.

I am noting this down here maybe other people are interested too and some dev would have the motivation to modify the default dialer to have a such post-call summary screen to allow users to "keep" or "delete" the recording. Or maybe a notification to let choose one of the actions.

Right now the method ACR works is like it has the default "keep" option and allows you to tap "delete" after the call. But being able to select the default option as "delete" and place a button "keep" after the call to let user decide if that call was important to keep. If not, by default the app would purge the recording after the notification or post-call summary screen.