double tap phone awake

May 11, 2013
No, but you can use "Simple Cover Lock" to wake the device using proximity sensor. It drains battery a bit but I think it also does double tap to wake
Aug 27, 2013
Maybe Someone can make this work on mi2s ? (Dev)
or maybe it will be in Miui v6 ?

Oppo's find 7a: x2 tap on home button is a good way also
Apr 14, 2014
I found an app that works fine: knockr . Look for it at the market. Enjoy

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it works, but I don't know if is my device or happen to all MI2S I need to tap/swipe a lot until it turns on.

I have tested it and it only shows a black background , doesn't work with te screen off. If you press power button it turns off the screen. I checked at playstore and yeah it says is only for OLED screens that actually turns off the led when you set a black color.

So this app "work" for our device but actually it eventually drain battery because screen is turned on when use it.
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