Doubt about Xiaomi Cloud removes synchronization with the gallery


Aug 26, 2023
Good afternoon,
I have just read that information has been spreading that Xiaomi Cloud is going to eliminate the whole issue of synchronization and backup copies for the gallery (photos and videos).
I wanted to know if this is true since I see that for months it indicates that this has occurred and I still have this utility on my phone and use it to this day. On the mobiles of two family members, they do get the notice that it has been removed (with the free plan) but I have the 50 Gig Premium and today it works perfectly for me. Nor did I get any alert informing me of all this.
Does anyone know if this only affects free accounts and not paid plans? I can't find any information about it and all I see on the web is that something has already disappeared from Xiaomi Cloud, which is not true since I have it and I continue to use all this synchronization.
If anyone knows more about it and can inform me, I would appreciate it since I have everything synchronized with Xiaomi Cloud and should, if necessary, look for alternatives.

Regards, and thank you very much.

Zhen Bang

Jul 2, 2021
As per I know, Xiaomi is moving your Mi Cloud photos to Google Photos. Your subscription will be changed to Google One too.

Check here

What I did was login to Mi Account using PC Mi Cloud and download all my photos.