Download Manager Process


Jan 26, 2012
Hello guys ,
I have been facing this problem for quite some time now . I installed the official MIUI 2.1.20 with all the necessary instructions and step performed . The ROM works just fine , but all of a sudden a process named " Download Manager" starts and it boggs down the CPU with 50% usage , the phone heats up then . here is what i already did

*Installed OS monitor
*Formatted the internal/external memory
*Clear data for Download manager
*Installed Siyah Kernal

Now after all of the above steps the download manager process goes away , but after a few hours it come back , and the battery starts to drain very quickly and the pone gets v hot. This problem is also present with the Galnet version of MIUI .

I need some help guys , i love MIUi and want to use it more . I would be very thank full if anyone can point me in the right direction to fix .