Aug 4, 2011
i recently installed miui on my droidx, came over from liberty. let me say that it is a beautiful rom. i do have some questions tho.
1. how do i get into recovery
2. how to make backups
3. how to install backups
i tried making a backup with droid2 bootstrapper and my phone boot loopped on me =(
so is there a recovery system within the miui rom?
any info are tips on miui rom ported for the droidx would be awesome.
fellow droidx-miui user here, you need to use Rom Manager (get from market) to get into ClockworkMod Recovery. from there you can click on Backup and Restore, and click either backup or restore and pick the correct date file.

do NOT ever use bootstrapper on any cm7-based rom, aka miui and cm7