Dropped Phone, Now Stuck In Safe Mode

Ian Finnesey

Feb 2, 2014
I dropped my phone, and it started acting weird.

The most obvious thing is that it is stuck in safe mode, and nothing I've tried has gotten it out. Also, it sometimes reboots on its own.

For a while the touch input was going nuts. I thought it might have had something to do with the screen protector (which had been damaged recently). The touch input started working properly after this, but I'm not 100 percent sure that was the problem.

Also, for a while, it was dropping wifi connections. It never had trouble seeing wifi networks when I checked, but the connection would drop and it would switch to 3G (which seemed to work fine)

Also, for a while it wasn't detecting the SIM card. That was only for a couple of minutes, though.

What I believe may be the clue to what's going on here is that the volume controls don't work. I know for a fact the buttons work, because I can still use volume up to boot into recovery, and I can still use the volume down to navigate the menus. The volume up key does not work at all once I am in recovery.

It does still work just fine as a phone (good, because I'm expecting calls).

Fixes attempted:
Cleared caches and user data and rebooted
Reinstalled OS and rebooted
Removed screen protector
a drop of 91% alcohol on the volume up button (and given time to dry)
Hit it again

Of these, the only one that coincided with a change was removing the screen protector (apart from the changes associated with a fresh install)

The problems that are still occurring:
Stuck in safe mode
Volume buttons not doing anything when Android is running
Up button still not working in recovery, down button is

edit: Oh yeah, the current ROM I'm using is kot49h-javajohn, Android 4.4.2

WTF is going on and what else can I try to fix it?
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Ian Finnesey

Feb 2, 2014
That'll have to wait at least until tomorrow evening, as I need a phone ATM. But I might as well ask: How hard is it to disassemble a Mi2s? Does it just come right apart once you take out the screws, or is it clipped together like most electronics are these days?