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Jul 12, 2018
I just bought a Xiaomi mi 8 and I have some doubts the seller offers me 2 options,

1 option Box sealed and Chinese ROM, In this rom is the English language no? When a global ROM comes out, will I have to flash it? I will have problems in Spain with coverage ??

2 option. they open the sealed box, they flash it and they give it a global ROM and they send it to you, but it says that Face ID does not work with the global ROM until they correct that bug. Global has Spanish? When I get a stable version of MIUI 10, can I update it via OTA? Or will I have to manually put it? Which option would you choose?

PS: I use google translator.


Jun 2, 2011
When you get a sealed box there is Chinese rom installed but in first use you can switch to English. Yes when you want to use Spanish language you have to switch to global

When global comes out you can flash,yes. Coverage in Spain I really don't know. I am from holland. I use Dutch T-Mobile that doesn't need band 20 for good 4g. I have excellent and fast 4g without band 20.

2. Open the box:
They can't flash official global yet, simple because it's not released yet. Probably end of juli.
I myself use eu MIUI that is based off China beta(I used genuine beta before) and both have face id and works great and fast, even with sunglasses on

When you have China you can upgrade to global by using updater . See attachments.
Yes global has Spanish

What I would do?

I am frequent flasher and use custom recovery. If you are not forget this remark.

If you only want to use normal OTA, and want Spanish, you must upgrade to global. If you want global out off the box you must use 2nd option but hey you can do that yourself, when global comes out. I would choose option one, for 2 reasons..
When you choose option 1 you will have the phone the fastest. Otherwise you will have to wait for release of global and then they will ship it then.( Don't let them fool you they have global because even beta isn't out yet for mi8)
And if they say they do it could mean 2 things: it's not official , so potential malware, or they flashed ROM from www.xiaomi.eu that's save rom (I use myself but it's not official)

Hope I helped you
( I have mi 8 SE BTW)

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