Feb 25, 2012
Hello, i wanna delete some .apk from zip but im not shure if i can do that with all apps. This is my delete candidate list :
Voice Dialer
User Feedback
MIUI Stats

I also wanna change these things:

Disable permanently GPS and delete gps toogle

Edit Miui theme (the one in zip, where it is?)

Delete a lot off sound effects

Edit miui music widget

Delete all overscroll effects

Apply volume+ (since it dont change nothing visualy i think ill use 2.3.2 one) how to add it to the zip?

Can some1 help me a bit? Just say if i can do this safety and how. Ex. If i delete downloads i will be able to download with box.com or opera mobile? Help me to do lighter miui ever! :)

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Seems your looking into rom customization.

You will need to read and research this as to what you can do and what you cant do.

first it's not to be deleted in the zip.

delete them once installed... it's more easy with root explorer... or titanium backup.
root :D

but I don t understand... your idea....

you want remove basicly all application...
Gallery : allow to show picture, so you need it since you not removing CAMERA
Voice Dialer : ok agree meaningless and useless application
Updater : well up to you to not want up to date... but true that application is ok only for MIUI official phone
Backup : Woot ? no want save your precious phone ?
Monitor : good to know about 3G usage...
Email : no email... you want keep gmail only or you want remove it ?
Talk : no gtalk... it's needed for sync... so you can't remove it
Downloads : up to you but since you want remove browser (that will probably create errors... if you do so)
Firewall : that awesome option to blacklist and whitelist should be a must have
User Feedback : to remove agree
Radio : useless so far... agree
MIUI Stats : useless, use only one time... then ?
Notes : that up to you
Browser : no browser... don't get it... why having a smartphone and don t have internet on it
Themes : hu ?

/GPS just disable it... that's it...

facepalm totally....

you don t want MIUI so ?

Got an HTC want make it looks like a 1990 phone...
Hiehiehehe... I use opera mobile (however its a fail, ok), gmail only, i have all sync with google so i dont need backup, i can update manualy, dont use 3g only wifi everywhere. Gps - ok, my 2nd fail. I use quickpick... But is true, i failed a bit with this thread... Now i know what i need and how. Just let it gone in limbo...

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Go on guy...
backup for your information is not what you think and GOOGLE like you said, does not backup what sometimes you need (like application... I know I wiped 2 times my phone and had to retreive by hand each application I had installed)

for your no 3G only wifi... well I bet you don't have a 100% coverage wifi or 100% hotspot coverage... unless you do not move that much... anyway... if you do not have data plan you will not be allow to use 3G or 2G anyway..

Now think little bit more about what you going to do.

don't backup anything (it's seems to be your way)

and delete those apk in /system/app/


or you can use Titanium Backup to remove those application. that will maybe... simplier.

that should remove couple of application after reboot... and maybe create some FC or else... due to some interaction between application...


I added MiuiCamera in the list because I don't know how you going to watch picture you take without gallery...

now my little advice... instead delete them, just move them somewhere else... where you "could" put them back in case of trouble... with adb or else...

What is your point anyway to remove all of those apps, me I created just a folder with all application I do not use that is much more easy...
I've deleted some or all of those apps from Miui on my SGS II and I have not get errors. I use Titanium backup to delete them but first create a backup of them, only for the case I need they later.

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be more specific on what application you deleted already because I am quite sure that on the list I gave some application will produce error, or misbehave.. since they are linked to one of those application.