Editing sync-only contacts FC's Contacts app


Feb 8, 2011
I'm sure you've all noticed, but should we have a contact in FB, that is not in our phone Contacts.apk, then when we edit it, or try to do anything with it.. it crashes.

It seems as if it doesn't "sync". Surely either editing should be *disabled*, or, it should by definition create a contact on my phone (ideally with a group name, ie: Facebook, for easy mass deletion in the case of an error).. and then I can edit it, or merge it with contacts already on my phone.

If I have for example, John Doe on my phone, and J Doe on Facebook it is unlikely it will automatically 'join' them. Instead, I have 2x contacts. However, I need to edit *from* John Doe contact to join it with J Doe.. the other way FC's.

Anyone else got this issue? Mixed with the translation issue I mentioned, I'm beginning to feel like this thread is useless.. how else can we report bugs that are properly read?

I've got the same issue on my desire: i try to add a phone number to a facebook sync contact, and it fc.