Enable 3G on HM NOTE 1W

Aug 26, 2014
Hi Guys,

I have searched around on how to enable 3G on this device but couldn't find any! I have enabled data from Settings->SIM management -> Data Connection on SIM1 and tried (3G only, 3G preferred and 2G) but yet nothing worked !! I have put the sim in iphone and worked perfect but on this devices it is not working, any help please ???
Sep 3, 2014
When I go to settings > Mobile Networks > Access Point Names and select any of the SIM cards, it just opens a blank page!!
So, in this blank page, U tap the menu buton and then select greate new APN. This strongly depend of Your mobile provider. So, it is better to ask him for settings. Here, in Bulgaria are 3 mobile operators, and they send settings via sms. Or enter it manuali. But, after that if U select "Only 3G" for a pref. connection, in some place, there isn't 3 g signal, U have not service at all. And some else, U must select 1SIM for mobile internet connection, because, 2 SIM have not this. It is only for conversations and SMS.