Encryption on POCO F1 - how useful is it really?


Sep 14, 2013
Hello, I've been using the POCO F1 for a few weeks, and there's something I've noticed.
I noticed that the device is encrypted by default, but if I understand correctly, it seems like it's using some generic password/passphrase, since:
1. Despite being encrypted, the phone boots up as usual, it doesn't ask for a pattern to decrypt storage, it just asks for a pattern like any other unencrypted phone would do.
2. TWRP can read from all partitions without any obstacles at all.
Now, my question is: does encryption actually protect anything? Someone who gets physical access to my phone can pull any data he wants from it by shutting it down and booting into TWRP, since no password/pattern is required to read the files. And it would probably leave no trace, so there's a chance I would never even find out that my data was breached.
Is there something I'm missing about encryption? Since it this form, to me it seems like encryption is just useless.
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