Why we don't have download sync from Google photo in EU ROMs?


Jan 15, 2019
I recently bought a used MI 11 5G Lite NE as a backup phone, it is running with Global Version of MIUI 14. I just noticed when setting up the backup in Gallery, it has 2 options - one is MS OneDrive and Google Photos.


I chose Google Photos as all my photos are there due to termination from Mi Cloud Photos and transferring all the photos to Google Photos, then I noticed it has the option to download to your gallery as below, same function as Mi Cloud before which I miss because for me it still feels better to look all your photos in the Gallery instead of Google Photos.


In my 13 Ultra running the latest Hyper OS, it doesn't have this option. Even when I'm still using 11 Ultra with MIUI 14 EU ROM, it also doesn't have this option. Anyone knows the reason why?

I know EU ROM is based on CN ROM plus adding more. Is this feature something that can be added in succeeding EU ROMs?