Eu Safety Alert - Xiaomi Charger Ch-p002

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If you use a charger Xiaomi model CH-P002, please stop.... shock risk
The insulation between the primary and the secondary circuit of the charger is not sufficient, which may cause an electric shock. The pins of the converter plug adapter do not have an insulating collar, so when inserting the plug the user may touch the live pins. The plug adapter allows single-pole insertion of the charger, leaving the remaining free live pin accessible. The product does not comply with the requirements of the Low Voltage Directive and the relevant standards EN 60950 and IEC 60884. 16 of 2016.pdf
(pages 7-8)
Jan 27, 2015
Thanks for sharing but I don't think this charger is a Xiaomi product. On genuine chargers:
  • The model number is in the format MDY-XX-XX.
  • The labels are only on the side facing the wall outlet, and nowhere else.
  • The USB socket is aligned centrally.
  • The whole charger is smaller.
This looks like some low-quality OEM product. If it really says "Xiaomi" on the label then perhaps it's a knock-off, which can be readily identified by looking at the logo, because most likely they got this wrong too. Too bad the photos are too low quality to confirm this. And does Xiaomi even make chargers with Type C (European) plugs?

Disclaimer: I am not familiar with all Xiaomi chargers ever made, so the above might be wrong.
Sep 2, 2015
this is bad.. I have a mi4 with MDY charger, 2 friends of mine have 2 redmi 2 pro with 1A charger.. I guess there are CH-P002 chargers.. I asked for model number.. Looks like an old charger and seems fake but it's original..