Expected price evolution of imported phones?


Apr 8, 2022
Usually when I buy a phone in my country I tend to wait around half a year or one year when the release price starts to drop and sometimes with special sales like 11.11 or similar might reach 50% of initial release price. But lately I've been interested in the K60 pro and it seems giztop or tradinshenzen are the only options since readmi k? phones don't necessarily translate in specs into their global POCO variants.

What has surprised me is that the price of these resellers seems to be… stuck? It doesn't seem like waiting time makes the price go down, or if it does, it does very little. I remember checking the price of a K50 pro last year and see no difference today, the model I was interested in might have changed from 470 to 430€. Do they actually drop or should I expect same price in half year time as now? Asking this because if resellers don't drop then waiting doesn't make any difference.
I only remind you that this is a forum to discuss the Xiaomi.eu rom and not the sales policies of Xiaomi phone resellers.
So I think your question is of very little interest in this forum and should be addressed to the dealers you mentioned.