Fake Mi2S and some picture of it. Need some photo of real Mi2S.

Jul 2, 2013
Hi all, was expecting to be 1 of the many Miuiandroid user yesterday but after all the wait and hype I found out the Mi2S I received yesterday is a fraud! Setting up a dispute with the dealer now and they don't even know how the real Xiaomi android is like. The physical and most of it are just so real that if I don't use google play and flashing the ROM, I wouldn't have noticed it upon arrival. Failing to flash into Miuiandroid made me dig a bit deeper and found a number of flaws that give it away.

Uploading the photo of my fake Mi2S here as reference of potential buyer. I going to need some help from you guys though. I need to know how the real Xiaomi android is like especially the recovery screen so some photo would be greatly appreciated. Need to show it to the dealer.


Backcase detail

Bare naked back

Update using xiaomi pc-phone updater

Updating midway

Phone been reseting several times and then failed with flying colors.

Recovery 1st screen (Vol up + power on)

Recovery mode and failed to update all the ROMs I managed to download and try (about 4 of them)

Factory mode (the screen quality makes a great mirror)

The chinese words below the e MMC bring us the truth behind the veil

Only a MT6577 but it's quite good so I'm having some high expectation for the real deal.
Vol down + power on button (it comes with fastboot but doesn't work though at least for my case)

The ultimate serial number located in setting>about>phone status

Thank you for viewing my humble thread.

Edit: Sorry for the massive pic, should've make it smaller. Btw, Xiaomi.com approve that the serial and the Imei is a valid phone.


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Aug 20, 2011
There's no roms for fake because the phone is not able to install anything. There's nothing you can do with fake except returning to seller or give it to kids to play as a toy.

Wysłane z Xiaomi MI 2


May 11, 2013
And be careful with this fake phones because quality is really bad and it's not strange that your battery could even explode. Just don't use it and return to the seller.
Apr 6, 2013
Good evening friends, took some pictures of my m2/32gb
bought in *******, original model, and these are the characteristics of the original. m2/m2s
obs:not took a photo of the original recovery because I'm using cwm you got there in the forum.