New Fast Charge Disabled In Mi Note Pro?

Sep 1, 2014
When I bought the phone it came with a "chinese rom" full ot bloatware and things like that, but the Fast Charge was clearly activated. It charged about 50% in 30-35 minutes. Phone charged super-fast.
After upgrading to Xiaomi Mi Note Pro Leo Multi Rom from this page (I've been in a couple of versions, right now I'm in 5.6.25) it's clear that somehow Fast Charge is not working. In 30 minutes of charge (using the same original Xiaomi carger and cable than before) I get about 15-20% of charge in the phone, and that's WAY less that before using roms from here.

So maybe Fast Charge was disabled or altered when tweaking the thermal control or something like that?
Please take a look at it. Thanks!


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Aug 20, 2011
We don't tweak any thermal configs. I never bothered to check quick charge... But for me it's working I suppose.

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