Fastboot or Recovery

eumiui enjoyer

Oct 8, 2022
Good afternoon. (My phone is Xiaomi 12S Pro)

I want to clarify a few questions.
1) What is the best rom for me to install? recovery or fastboot?
2) Does NFC work with Fastboot rom? And with Recovery? I heard that it does not work with an unlocked bootloader. (I use Mir pay, but I think it has the same requirements as Google Pay)
3) After installing Fastboot, can I lock the bootloader? It seems to be a ROM based on the Chinese version and the smartphone is also Chinese. Is it possible to lock the bootloader with Recovery?
4) Is it necessary to install custom twrp to install Recovery? Or i can use standard tools?
5) Do i need to unlock the bootloader in both cases, regardless of the installation method?

Thanks in advance.


Jun 11, 2020
1) One is not better than the other in use, and you don't have the choice for a specific version of the ROM. Install with Recovery is the default for, because it is safer in most cases, and can be done without a PC if you have TWRP installed .

2) NFC should work, no matter if it is recovery or fastboot (yes some apps can still detect the unlocked bootloader, but it is ok in most cases)

3) NO ! You would brick your phone

4) I am not sure what you mean by standard tools. You need a custom recovery to install a recovery ROM, TWRP or similar.

5)A locked bootloader prevent you from using anything but the official standard ROM for your device. So yes, you need to unlock your bootloader in all cases