FC when trying to switch sms tone


Apr 2, 2011
Just checking to see if i'm the only one with this..

I'm not certain about the exact names in the option entries i mention, but i think people can get an idea on what i mean.

In thememanager, i click "alert tone", then choose "None".
then i go to the homescreen. Click "Settings", then "Application", then "Message Settings". Then, when i click on "Select ringtone", i get the FC. It says Theme Manager has crashed.
This ONLY happens, if i have chosen None/Silent tone for alert/notification tone first.

A sidenote to this...
As i understand, we can no longer change tone for sms in thememanager directly. The Alert Tone option is for all notifications, EXCEPT sms/mms, email, etc. which have their own unique choice of tone within each app. The Alert Tone in Theme Manager is the same as "Notification Ringtone", found in "Settings", "Personal", "Sound and vibration settings".
We have to open the settings within the sms app to change sms tone now, or, through the app manager as mentioned.

Am i understanding the tones configuration right here?

Btw, i'm on a Desire GSM, 1.8.19
Yep , I can confirm this bug. I get the same FC in that situation on a HTC Desire GSM 1.8.19