[Feature Request] Text Editing


Nov 25, 2010
I wasn't sure if a thread like this existed, so I posted here anyways. If anyone agrees, then we should try to push this for one of the chinese MIUI devs to put it into action!

What I noticed is, aside from having it ported to various phones (officially being the N1, G7, and Milestone), A majority of the phones lack a physical keyboard, track pad/ball, or any way to target specific text on the screen. I remember after using the motoblur 2.2, it included a feature that is similar to the iPhones "magnifying glass" when you tap and hold text.

Well, for the short amount of time that i used it (it wasnt stable enough for an everyday ROM), It was probably the most helpful feature on the phone. ESPECIALLY when:
-browsing the web
-making a note

SO! (by now you know what I'm getting it) it would be BEYOND awesome if MIUI were to include something very similar to this. would be extremely useful on the nexus one or desire. or on ported devices like the liquid, or the evo. Not sure about some of the people out there, but I'm more than positive that the majority would love this.

and of course, with such a feature comes the criticism of it appearing like an iPhone. Its not that you are trying to reach a UI that mimics the iOS, but rather helps make the already instrumented UI more user friendly.

well, those are just thoughts~ feel free to reply or improve on the idea if you agree.



Nov 14, 2010
well, i agree! :D there are alot of new ideas that need to be pushed to the chinese MIUI devs though:D


Nov 17, 2010
Yeah the magnifying glass is a very nice feature on the iPhone.. Actually the whole selection/copy/paste rocks on the iPhone which I wish was there in my N1.. Somebody should contact the MIUI devs about this.. :)