finally, I managed to register to a Xiaomi forum!!

Aug 2, 2014
I tried for days to register to a forum dedicated to Xiaomi phones....the official one (more a MIUI English speaking community) has given me the most convoluted, hypnotic, absurd, innervating experience I have had regarding forum registration in general.
I first tried to register via phone...there were some issues about the SIM not being recognized....then I decided to ignore all that (basically I just wanted information without bothering about syncing my MiCloud account) - so, forget about the phone number - and start afresh with a new email + password etc.
When, I finally managed to register in the MIUI English version, I then landed hopelessly in the Chinese forum!! Then (after managing to understand where to logout) I tried to enter again in the right English version....but at that point I was in a dead end loop asking me to re enter the nickname because it was associated to another email?! Yeah, that's my email!!! the one used in the English version...(go figure).
Apparently, my email was registered in the English forum while my nickname was in China!! At least that's what if felt like...
Has anyone had the same mindbogglingly experience or is it just me?

note: I know this is another forum and maybe I should forget all that but....