Finger Print Error

Jun 16, 2016
Hey guys!

I have my note 3 about two weeks, and since the first day i have a problem on fingerprint unlock, even with diferent roms.

The sensor works fine until certain moment when it just stop reading my finger, any finger. Its like if i don't have fingerprint sensor. Even if I go to settings and try to add a new fingerprint, it doesn't work, the sensor just stop working.

Then I just reboot my phone and it works perfectly again about 1 day .

So almost every day I need to restart my phone.

At the moment I'm with rom 7.1.8 and at this one this is my only problem. I already try the 6.2.25 and 6.1.21 ( I guess its that) and i have this problem in all of them.

My bootloader is locked and i want to keep it like that.

This happened with someone else?

Any suggestions?

Thanks guys.