Flashing help needed please, POCO X3 NFC, need to restore to MIUI12 from Android 12


Nov 26, 2021
HI everyone, wonder if you can help. I recently flashed my Poco with an Android 12 ROM I got off the internet. The Android 12 works, and if I reboot into recovery mode or whatever, TWRP loads.

I need to switch to dual sim, and Android 12 won't do what I want it to do, so I want to erase the thing totally clean and start from scratch with MIUI12.

I have downloaded a couple of firmwares and roms from xiaomifirmwareupdater website.

They are on an SD Card in the phone. I reboot into recovery, wipe cache etc, install the FW and add the ROM zip too.

But it ALWAYS fails with error code 1. When the phone reboots, it's back into Android 12.

Can anyone advise what I'm doing wrong??