New Floating Notifications App doesnt work at MIUI

Apr 13, 2012
hi all,

yesterday i want to try the "floating notifications" app from google playstore at my OPPO Find 5.
link: ... ating.notifications
set all options there you can see at this video:
i talked yesterday with the developer at the Google+ Community and he think it is a problem with the accessibility service at miui roms generally.

the app is working fine at OPPO Stock roms and CyanogenMod based roms. only MIUI have this problems now.

can anyone from this community help us?
thanks in advance
Feb 20, 2013
I've found some apps need to be made into system apps to work.
Note that if you do so, when you update the app will need to be re installed.

You can make it not a system app prior to update then make it system again after to avoid re installing.

Try that.
Apr 13, 2012
hi qbert456,

its a good way. thank you. can see the floating icon but no notifications :(

edit: after restart, the icon doesnt show again. app can not be set to autostart