[For Sale] Xiaomi MI2 32GB

Sep 19, 2013
Hey guys,

it's time for me to move on/upgrade and enjoy another device. I was kind of really hoping something would happen with the porting of SailfishOS for Xiaomi, but alas.. :)

That being said I'm selling my MI2 (32GB), bought in January last year (2013), from Xiaomi (yeah.. with the waiting and booking and codes :)). For sale is everything that came in the nice little brown box (including) -- original USB/charging cable; the charger; the battery (2000mAh) and a warrantee (I don't know if it's still valid since it's in Chinese).

I'm also willing to preload any two ROMs this great community has managed to supply for our device (without involving repartitioning, please) or have it blank out so you can have all the fun. :)

If you're interested, please let me know :)

Pictures can be attached per request :)

Asking price removed - open to negotiation
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