[General Idea/ Request] Could there be a website for using fastboot online?

Oct 13, 2012
First of all it's my first thread here and I also haven't done a lot of research on what I'm about to ask so please go easy on me!

So the other day I came down with some trouble while jumping through different ROMs for Incredible S and as I didn't have my "flashing" laptop I had to be stuck with the bootloop issue until I downloaded all the SDK files and necessary Fastboot things on a friend's Laptop...So I wondered is there some kind of online emulation where you can upload your app files and/or boot.img etc and run the commands online?
because it would be really lot easier and faster if you run into trouble while you know you are away from your own laptop... just open a webpage download your boot.img or app file.. upload it on the website and flash it on-the-go..

*hoping this thing doesn't exist already because it'd be just awkward then :p *

Safety and Peace everyone!