Get A Global Version Of The Miui Vr App

Jun 27, 2016
Is it possible that you guys can do with the VR app the same thing that was done with the music and video app? I mean remove the Chinese media content and leave the player and other stuff translated. The Xiaomi vr app has a good VR video player and interface. Unfortunately I don´t know how to do it, but I think this app can be as useful as the music an video players.

IMG_20170511_114806.jpg Screenshot_2017-05-11-11-48-15-239_com.mi.dlabs.vr.hulk.png Screenshot_2017-05-11-11-49-10-599_com.mi.dlabs.vr.hulk.png Screenshot_2017-05-11-11-49-23-835_com.mi.dlabs.vr.hulk.png Screenshot_2017-05-11-11-49-31-360_com.mi.dlabs.vr.hulk.png