Gets Stuck During Sync - Wifi/data Connection Does Not Work Until Restart

May 5, 2016

I have my Mi4C for 2/3 months now, and since the beginning I notice that sometimes (3-4 times a week) the internet access gets stuck when synchronizing.

I realize it's happening again when it heats up for no reason and the google colored icon is on the top left corner for a long time. Also the moving sync circle next to the gsm signal is on screen.

When it happens I try to disconnect data and wifi, turn sync off, airplane mode... When I reestablish data/wifi and sync it returns to where it was -> still no internet. Tried also do force close some of the apps.

I solve this with a restart. When it boots immediately syncs everything, messages arrive, e-mails, etc. My concern is that until I notice the problem and restart the phone i don't have internet connection.

I'm on V7.2.4.0. Is this an issue for anybody else? Is it a bug from this ROM?

I didn't upgraded for 7.3.2 because I'm lazy about the idea of reinstalling everything again, and besides from this problem the ROM is excellent.

Thanks for any possible help.
Dec 15, 2016
Hola José,
(Por el nombre creo que hablas castellano)
Compré este móvil hace en octubre y creo que me esta pasando lo mismo que comentas.
De vez en cuando veo que se queda sin internet y sale el circulo de sincronización dando vueltas.
Desconecto los datos la wifi, lo pongo en modo avión, etc. pero solo se soluciona reiniciando el movil.
La versión de android es 5.1.1 y MIUI

¿Conseguiste solucionar el problema?

Hello Jose,
I bought this phone on october and I think I've the same issue as you.
Sometines I realize that phone has no internet and I can see the synchronizing circle.
I try to disconnect data and wifi, turn on airplan mode, etc. but I only solve the problem doing a reboot.
Android versión on the phone es 5.1.1 and MIUI

Did you solve the problem?