Global Rom Noob On Redmi Pro

Jan 6, 2017

I just bought a redmi pro, it seems to be a nice phone but ROM is not Global.
I unlocked via the regular xiaomy app.
I made the install of TRWP, but still cannot access to the recovery mode, just a black screen with an usb wire and the phone.
I tried to install rom via fastboot but (I am a noob) there is only chinese fastboot ROM available so no change.
Also when I try to install the global rom from the updater, it is not allowed cause it is recognized as a non official ROM.
I am a bit confused.
Thanks for any kind of help.

Dec 22, 2016
If you have sucessufuly installed twrp from fastboot, than go to About phone-->System updates--->after checking is done, go to three dot menu and select Reboot to recovery mode. Just wait a minute and the phone will enter in twrp so you can wipe everything and flash rom zip.

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