GMail Update: How to update in MIUI.

Nov 29, 2010
A new GMail update is out today - and there are probably people out there who do not know how to get the update to work successfully with MIUI, so i thought i'd post this little public service announcement before anyone has to ask.

When you try to update from the market, you will get "Installation Failed" or "Incompatible Update" on MIUI, to get around this follow these steps:

Open a shell and run the following adb commands:
adb remount
adb shell mv /system/app/Gmail.apk /system/app/Gmail.apk.bak
adb reboot
After your phone reboots, you should be able to install GMail from the market without a hitch.

If you are still unable to install GMail from the market, you can "reinstall" the original version using these commands:
adb remount
adb shell mv /system/app/Gmail.apk.bak /system/app/Gmail.apk
Alternatively, if you do NOT have any problems installing from the market, you can safely remove the backup of the original Gmail.apk by running the following commands:
adb remount
adb shell rm /system/app/Gmail.apk.bak
Hope this helps.
Nov 11, 2010
I used titanium backup and uninstalled the current gmail version. Rebooted my phone, went to the market, unchecked allow automatic updating, and clicked on install and it loaded properly without any issues.
Nov 13, 2010
My update worked like normal.

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Same here. Just updated via the market, and it worked fine. Didn't even realize people had issues.

Edit: I flash Gapps when I flash MIUI. Maybe the one included with MIUI isn't upgradeable. Whenever I used to try to update the included Terminal Emulator via the market, the install would fail.
Nov 27, 2010
You can't uninstall through the usual means - you can use Root Explorer and delete the apk though.
well, the root explorer doesn't work for me..
I try to delete it, it shows like it's deleted, the file just isn't there, but when I restart the phone, start installing the market latest gmail then installation failed, and the gmail app is still there.
I used 2 different apps, one of which was paid, and still it was the same.
Nov 12, 2010
all I did was rename the gmail.apk, rebooted, then downloaded and installed
themes working still and got new gmail apk
does anyone have a link to the new one though?