Resolved GN Gallery FC - 2.5.18


Nov 21, 2010
I'm getting FC on the gallery app with the latest version of Miui for my Galaxy Nexus. Anyone else suffering these teething issues? I would get a logcat but I'm unable to right this moment.
if something is not working just replace these apks with the one from last week
problem should be solved this way...
Can you try the following pls :

Clear Cache from Gallery
Clear Cache from Camera
Reboot into Recovery
Clear Dalvik
Wipe Cache Partition

Let me know asap the results
No problem, we found the issue, so we gonna do our best to sort it, cant give a time for when, cause china messed everything up, and now its late for us. If it was earlier we would have sorted these issues out hourse ago.

We'll do our best.
This is happening for me on the NS. In the meantime Ive downloaded an alternate gallery app but Ill assume you don't need a logcat since you found the issue on the GN. Camera works fine though.
We on it atm, found the issue, and sorting it.

Thanks for being patient chaps.