In Progress Google account backup?


May 28, 2012
I'm running 2.5.25 on HTC One X.

In Settings -> Backup & Reset, there is a setting to sync/backup system settings (wifi passwords, apps, even some app content) to Google servers. On other ROMs, it is possible after adding a google account to choose the account for backup, so that on reset all apps and (some) settings are reinstalled.

On MIUI however, the account can't be chosen, it just says "Backing up to debug-only private cache"

Is this a bug?

I have not tested the option ( using miui backup for that ) but i'm unsure how the google backup principle works...
Yes they can backup contact , email , documents and so on but wifi settings and apps ?

It might not hurt to try but i have better trust in the miui backup tool ;)
Everytime I restore my phone with MIUI backup I need to add accounts for FB, Twitter and so on.. these settings aren't stored in the backup?