GPS Monitoring - Security Concern


Nov 22, 2010
The GPS on my Droid DInc seems to come on by itself every 15min-1hr.

I've checked the news/weather app and it is not set to auto-update. I've set Facebook to not auto-update and even signed out. I never signed into twitter. I've signed out of google latitude. I've made sure google maps is closed and not running.

The GPS will turn off if I use the MIUI default task killer to kill all apps, but comes right back on in about 10-15 seconds.

[Question] Is there any watchdog app that can tell which apps are currently using location services. I know I can use Permission Watchdog to view all the apps that have permission to access location services. However, is there an app that can tell what is CURRENTLY using GPS.
Nov 9, 2010
thats odd, because my friend who has the g2 was saying how he thought it was funny that google randomly checks where we are (his reasoning was because his gps randomly turns on for a few seconds and then goes back off; without him using any such apps)