Graphical issue


Apr 12, 2011
First off I would like to say what an awesome software compilation MIUI is, and its top notch quality reflects the developers working in it.

I however, found a small graphical oops that doesn't really affect usability, just detracts from the sheer beauty. The status bar text when the notification drawer is pulled down has everything all smashed together (the clock and date) and in some cases overlapping (carrier name and wiring symbol). Screenshot is attached.

And possibly slightly off topic... but where did the torch toggle in the notification drawer go? That was a source of much convenience when fumbling for my keys in the dark.


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You can activate torch by long pressing home button on the lockscreen...;)

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Nice hidden torch, but kinda hard to keep the button held down when you need both hands, and the HTC Incredible (my device) doesn't have separate language packs available as the main rom download is in English... please correct me if I'm wrong

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The incredible does have language packs. Check the rom sticky and look at the changelog :)

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Ah thank you for pointing me in the right direction. Downloading now :)

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