Help Please !! Younger sister deleted all pics from camera album ;(

Jan 11, 2013
Hi. Can anyone help me to recover my deleted pics from my mi 2.

My younger sister accidentally deleted my camera album and I've searched all over to get the phone into USB Mass Storage so I can use recuva or the wondershare app but I can't get USB Mass Storage to work.

Does anyone know if its possible to recover my deleted pictures? I didn't make a xiaomi account nor was Google sync active.

Please can someone help me, my sister is in tears as I had the only pics of my nephews 1st birthday.

Thank you for any help.

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Mar 1, 2013
You won't like hearing this but you are screwed.

Your only chance would be to hack enable mass storage mode from within recovery mode, plug the phone into a Linux computer, do a bitwise partition backup and use ext4 undelete to extract, let's say, all deleted jpg files from the bit dump.
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