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Mar 23, 2019
Hello friends, I hope and can help me, it turns out I have the ROM installed but not let me have permissive the seLinux with the kernel stock, just let me if I put a modified kernel, the problem is that for me none of all the modified kernel gives me the autonomy that gives me and L kernel stock, I want to have the permissive ROM of seLinux with the kernel stock, someone knows how? Thank You for your help


Feb 5, 2019
You need a rooted phone. Then you can switch every ROM to permissive mode with simple terminal command:

setenforce 0

It's also possible to set permissive mode permanently.

Text is somewhat outdated and refers to SuperSU. Magisk's path of su files is below /sbin/... and not /system/.... A Magisk SELinux manager is also available but discontinued. So you are on your own...
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