Help with App Restoration




I flashed 1.9.2 and I restored all my apps. After a restart the processes,, and keeps FCing. So I re-flashed the whole ROM. I restored only the app and not the data with titanium and I get no FCs. Can anyone tell me how I can restore the data now? My Angry Birds, Cut the rope, Samurai II Vengeance and other games have been wiped and I have to play all over again. Can anyone help me?

Restoring the data is *always* iffy, when flashing new roms. Just in my opinion, it more often than not corrupts things, because the data was stored using a different rom/version of that rom and the updates may not be compatible with the data stored. Perhaps others may know some way of restoring that data, but I have never had any luck using restore app and data and not having problems. :(
I found a solution for angry birds. Its only the other apps now... :(