Help With Changing Not Working Rom

Jun 9, 2016
Hello to everyone. I've recently purchased a Mi 4c but it came with this rom: MIUI 7 55.12.31|Beta, which has caused me some troubles, among which probably death of the capacitive buttons of my device (or so i've been told).
Anyway i would like to change this ROM and all its pre-installed system apps (some of which very annoying) and switch to one of your "stable" ROMs, which i know don't have the bootloader locked at the moment.
My question is: which is the most reliable method to update the latest stable ROM?
- Download it and update via the Updater app?
- Install TWRP (libra) and then update via TWRP?
- Flash the phone, then install TWRP and then update the ROM?
For this last option, if is the best solution, can you post me a guide that i can follow with a Mac? Because i don't have a PC at hand right now

Thank you in advance to whoever will be so kind to help me!