Help with gps/.gpx and navigation apps...

Alan Ansell

Aug 22, 2022
Hi all,

Brand new Redmi Note 11 Pro. A smartwatch. Navigation apps installed on both devices, and "autostart" works.

I'm leaving on a hike, and I thought this was going to be such a no-brainer, but it seems now to be remarkably complicated!!

I have paid for access to IGN (France's equivalent to Ordinance Survey). I have 1:25 000 maps on my phone. I have also downloaded a bunch of official .gpx files describing the route I wish to follow. I can overlay the .gpx files (also available as KML) on the map. Now I want my navigation app to 'import' this file so that it, my phone, my watch and the map itself know where I am.

For the life of me I cannot figure out how to:

import the .gpx file yet the native file browser cannot see the file. Google files asks to open it with options for Mi Text Viewer, WPS Office, and Nova Launcher. Nothing else, there's zero option (I can find) to add or expand to this paltry and irrelevant selection of "open with" to include a navigation app. Not even to use Google maps!

I want to open the file with the app of my choice, such that doh! my phone and watch are synced, and I can FOLLOW the .gpx route given, and have my navigation apps keep track.

Quite why this is such a mysterious and complex issue eludes me. Can anyone please help with any suggestions or tips?

Thank you