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  1. what do i do here? This user's primary usergroup is also listed as a secondary group for this user. Please change the primary group or remove the secondary group. im not sure what to do about this. and 1 more thing when i go to page with the roms downloads the page doesnt load and at the bottom i get ...miuiandroid,com is not responding do to a long-running script. can someone help
  2. cyberstoic


    Apr 20, 2011
    The Windy City

    For the user group problem, are you talking about on the phone or on this bulletin board forum?

    As for the forum page, it loads for me on opera, firefox and ie, and did earlier today on opera when I downloaded the rom as well. What browser are you using, etc?
  3. i was using IE 9 but now i used firefox and it worked just to find out... evo 3d roms not