Homescreen not rotating


May 4, 2011
Hi there,
First of all, thank you guys !
My phone is an htc g2 and I've using miui since a couple of releases, I like it a lot but there's something very annoying on every release, including the latest (1.4.29), the homescreen doesn't rotate when keyboard is opened or phone is on the horizontal position.
Are you guys aware of this ? if so, why is this happening ?

Once again, thank you !
As far as I know miui doesn't have home screen rotation so this isn't a bug. The sub-screens should rotate though.

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Homescreen not rotating - Settings Force Close

Thanks for the quick reply Paul.
Yes, the sub screens work perfectly. Is there any particular code restriction for this to happen or it's just developer option ?
I've also noticed that the android settings have force close on htc g2 and this I suppose this is really a bug. Do you have further info. regarding this ?